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While English is considered today's most common \"Lingua Franca\" the way you teach English will vary from country to country. So when it applying for a job in various countries, it is important to be aware with the cultural differences one might experience when teaching in a country that is not your own. So it is important to do your research of the country where you wish to work in. For example if you wish to work in South Korea, one might want to study up a bit on Confucianism, as it is an important part of everyday life for the people who live there. In Confucian societies it is always important that one respects their elders to the utmost degree. While this may not be as important in America or Europe, offending in elder in South Korea is deemed very unacceptable. So when looking to teach in another country, please be aware of any misunderstandings you might cause while living/working in a different country.