TESOL Jobs Indonesia Medan

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This lesson was very helpful to me. As I just completed my 120hr course I have started to apply for some online ESL jobs. I have heard back from one of the companies and they requested that I submit a CV. I had no clue what this was. This unit was extremely helpful in not only introducing it to me, but also very helpful in providing an example of how to complete one. I can now respond to them, and hopefully secure employment with their company. This course has really proven invaluable as an addition to my main 120hr course. It is also great to have been provided with resources to learn about the varying cultural differences of the many countries one might travel to as an ESL teacher. Not to mention the resources for finding employment. Again a great way to round out my 120hr main course. I really look forward to my next course on business English, and all the additional information and knowledge it has to offer.