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I have learned the things a student needs to learn about their vocabulary words, and the different things they need to know about the grammar structure of each word as well as the functions of the words they learn. Different ESA patterns can be used in each of these areas but earning new vocabulary easily uses the Straight Arrow (Engage-Study-Activate) pattern and the Patchwork can be used for the grammar structure. The Boomerang method (Engage-Activate - Study-Activate)-can be used for the Function study. Though any of the methods may be used as appropriateThis unit helped me to better understand the workings of our receptive skills. It went over how to engage students in activating their knowledge of subjects using the receptive skills as the instruments. I would now feel comfortable as a teacher in stimulating these receptive skills to better engage my students. The cherry on the top is practice with the ESA approach to teaching; I've found that repetition and examples of ESA help me to better retain the 'how to' in regards to the teaching technique, and it gives me inspiration in making my own lesson plans.