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The first video was concerning - the students looked confused and shied away from answering questions because the teacher made them feel like it was simple, when they weren't understanding the concept. He looked like he was trying to hurry through it and wasn't thorough with his explanations. The students in the second video grasped the concepts much better, simply by changing the attitude and behaviors of the teacher. It goes to show what attention to the students and the material will do, with teaching skills.To successfully teach receptive skills, it is important that the teacher choses a variety of materials that will interest the learners. The materials used could be authentic or non-authentic texts, for beginners will be better to use non-authentic texts that should be introduced by engaging the learners then, pre-teaching any problem vocabulary. It is important to challenge the learners to a degree using realistic tasks to aid their understanding and using activate phases that naturally leads from the text used.