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I thought unit six did an excellent job comparing a poor ineffective way of teaching followed up with a great example of how to teach a class. In video one the teacher had poor body language, he talked down to the students making them feel uncomfortable, and did not cleary explain the lesson. Video two on the other hand the teacher did a great job engaging the students with better body language, smiling a lot, and made clear the lesson of the day. Overall I found the videos very helpful in showing how to teach a class effectively and with passion.This unit focused on modals, phrase verbs and the passive voice. We began with basic rules for modal auxiliary verbs, and this part included a chart with many examples. We were then given a series of other examples and asked questions about them. Finally, we were given some teaching ideas. Afterwards we were taught the difference between the passive and active voice, along with another chart, its usage and mistakes that students frequently make when learning this topic. At the end of the lesson, we learned about relative clauses and phrasal verbs.