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The first lesson was hard to watch due to the teacher not wanting to be there and rushing through everything. I could feel the frustration of the students. He didn't explain anything clearly and, therefore, the students didn't learn. The second lesson was much better due to the teacher being more enthusiastic. He cared about the students. He wanted to know their names and never corrected them negatively. He actually did every point within ESA. The students learned a lot in the second lesson because of all this.This was a very fun unit to me. I almost wish I would have read this material before going into my college career. I think learning to read and listen with intention to understand and comprehend is crucial. Knowing that we understand new material based off the connections and correlation with known knowledge in our heads is a different way of looking at learning in general. If I knew this prior I would have approached learning as more of compare and contrast rather then memorization in my undergraduate program.