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There are two types of course materials. Authentic materials are usually taken from newspapers, magazines, radio, television and movies . While the created materials are designed by the teachers their self according to the needs of the students. Course books are great help for the teachers but it have also some disadvantages. While choosing a course we need to keep in mind which is the most suitable for the student . Teacher should not entirely rely on the course but also needs to put some extra ideas related to the lesson to help the students for better understanding .Present tense in my opinion is the foundation of a student to formulate simple sentences. We start by introducing ourselves and giving some information such as our name, address and hobbies in Simple present tense. If a student didn't fully understand this part of grammar, I think he will have a hard time in the succeeding lessons. I really appreciate that teaching ideas and typical student errors are included. We, teachers, can show what is wrong from right especially if the student's mother tongue's sentence structure is very different from English sentence structure.