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This unit covered the 5 types of conditionals which are quite useful for everyday communications in home, school or office settings as well as many helpful teaching exercises for them. It's important to cover the different types of conditionals slowly as they can appear to be similar for students and can lead to confusion. This unit also covered reported speech and direct speech and how to transform direct speech into reported speech. Again, this topic must be covered slowly as it is nuanced and can lead to many errorsAs I continue through this course I find it interesting how often I speak the language without thinking about what I am doing, but when I have to think about what is happening I struggle with it. The conditionals are important to know which one is used in which situation, but I believe the harder part of this lesson was the reported speech. I think students would struggle with it because they first have to decide what tense the sentence is originally in then change it to the tense it needs to be in for reported speech.