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I found it interesting the different forms of testing (evaluating) where a student is at and how you can go about it. The progress tests I believe are very important because it helps determine what needs to be brought up again to work on more and what can be reviewed every once in awhile. I think it helps with the progress and success of the class because it helps with deciding what to teach or not to teach next and it helps students be successful on evaluations when the class emphasis on what the students need to learn.This unit outlines the different structures you can use to model your class. While some are straightforward, I learned that the patchwork structure is a lot more free-flowing, and seems like it can be adjusted during class to meet your class goals. There were also a myriad of different engage activities that can stimulate the students' interest in the topic, which seems very important to their English development. I also learned that it is better for students to correct each other, instead of the teacher always doing it.