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When teaching English, we will need to teach language functions, new vocabulary and grammatical structures. There are ESA methods that are more suitable for teaching language functions than for vocabulary and vice versa. I will need to evaluate my students? needs to decide what kind of ESA lesson will be most effective, and if I will need to repeat the engage or study stages. What is important is to keep in mind of what students will need to learn, which typically include the meaning, uses, patterns, appropriacy to the students and to the tasks.The main focus of Unit 20, as the final unit, is on tackling the problems that might occur during the class. As it was also mentioned in previous units, a good ESL/EFL teacher should predict the troubles which might happen in their classes and prepare solutions in advance hence this units provides some good suggestions which enables teachers to deal with different problems. In fact, a good ESL/EFL teacher is expected to equip themselves with appropriate materials and activities as well as effective attitude and methods to solve any possible issue.