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They say that you never get a second chance at a first impression, so I am thankful to see these instructions on how to kick things off in the classroom. The introduction of a warm atmosphere will set the tone for the student-teacher relationship, and I will definitely keep this information in mind. It was helpful to see a list of warmers, as well as tips on how to handle bigger classroom sizes. I am thankful to have completed this course, and look forward to teaching!Unit 8 reviews the many tenses of the future. Of all the tense lessons, I felt this one was the most complex. It is interesting to see how each different tense conveys such different meaning. I learned the usages for each type of tense (future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, and going to) and got some good ideas about fun ways to teach each of these lessons. I also learned about common errors to look out for with each of these tenses.