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It's difficult differentating between the different parts of the ESA model. That being said, through reading the material a few times, it seems like the engage part is to actually engage the students ?.e. make them interested, with a pictures or small discussions. The study part sort observes the nuts and bolts of the language ?.e. the grammar, giving students the opportunity to see how it's structured. The last part, activiate, activates their language skills, giving the students the opportunity to use the language freely.This unit focuses on methods of teaching grammar, vocabulary and functions. It offers different activities for the engage, study and activate phases as well as lesson structures. Depending on what the content of the lesson is, the constellation in an ESA lesson may vary. While the straight arrow ESA lesson is more appropriate for teaching grammar and vocabulary, the boomerang and patchwork ESA lesson are more suitable for teaching language functions, although the patchwork ESA lesson can also be suitable for teaching grammar.