TESOL Jobs Mandaluyong City Philippines

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It was good to see such a stark difference between the two lessons. It was difficult to sit through lesson one and I'm sure the students felt the same. If the teacher is not enjoying what he/she is teaching, the students will not enjoy learning. We must demonstrate the passion to learn for the students - it will be contagious. It will be good to think of mine own lessons and evaluate them with these 2 lessons in mind - making sure I'm not doing anything from lesson 1.excellent exposure about techniques how to organize a classroom what kind of material to prepare specially the ESA (Engage, Study, Activate) is a perfect way of teaching. I look forward of meeting my new classroom and divide them into different categories according to their age and knowledge. My intention is to have all my presentation done electronically using my laptop and a TV by adding chrome cast to the TV and streaming my presentation directly from laptop to the TV.