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I have learnt that there are 4 aspects of present tense: simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous. Each tense has its form, usages but I also learnt about typical student errors and examples for activating teaching ideas. Some verbs are not used with certain tenses like non-progression or non-action verbs that are not normally used in the continuous form like verbs of the senses (involuntary), verbs expressing feelings and emotions, verbs of mental activity and verbs of possession.In this chapter we discuss the common class room problems and how the trouble shooting is done. Various scenarios in class room are discussed , such as , Teachers first lesson , or how to start the class ( break the ice) some warmers techniques are discussed , eg. Pictionary's, hangman, tongue twisters. Challenges faced by teachers during different levels of English understanding in students , or in a class of monolingual students , or handling a large class are discussed along of solutions.