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This unit describes a wide variety of equipment and teaching aids a teacher can use to make the learning process more interesting and diverse. I was familiar with most of them except for the interactive whiteboard. I have never seen an IWB and certainly don't know how to use it. I found the list of online resources at the end of the unit to be a real treasure. I plan to explore the given sites in a more detailed manner and to use them in my future career as an English teacher.This unit was a very good refreshment for my fair knowledge about phonology. Starting with the meaning of phonology and phonemes to the introduction of intonation and stress. Difference between stress and intonation and the three main patterns of intonation. Moreover, different kinds of stress in multi-syllable words. Teaching and indicating stress and intonation was very useful. Finally, the place and manner of articulation using the phonemes and transcription was beneficial.