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This unit has provided me with ideas of various lesson plan styles and formats. It has shown me the importance of engaging students prior to providing them with tasks that are more mentally challenging. Similarly, this unit has shown me the difference between an error and a mistake. A mistake can be as simple as a slip of the tongue, where as an error can be more of an underlying issue. As an instructor it is important for me to recognize the difference and change my lesson plan accordingly.I know from previous units that pairing the stronger ones with the weaker ones was always advised (heterogeneous grouping). So it was interesting to learn about other possible solutions (homogeneous grouping), which allow the stronger students practice at a higher level. This would prevent boredom, but I worry that this would create a \"privileged\" group within the class. In any case, I am glad that there are options. I'm sure I will know which one is most appropriate once I start teaching.