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While teaching, there will no doubt be problems that will arise. This unit helped me prepare for some problems I may run into when teaching English to students and what I can potentially do about it. It seems that 'warmers' are a great way to help motivate students in potentially boring or tired settings. A classroom should be exciting not a prison, as a teacher we need to give our best to these students because the truth is we live in a world where English is very important, and I feel very privileged to have it as my native language. Thank youPronunciation and phonology can be difficult at first for the non-native student. After training and exercises, understanding becomes easier, and so the student has in his hands an important technique to improve his pronunciation. Activities of audio, music, movies with speech and subtitles in English, are ways to understand the phonetic and pronounce in a more attractive way. The phonemic symbols scare the majority of the beginning students, so the teacher will have a difficult task of encouraging and activating the pronunciation and phonology.