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I think by creating many ways to teach, and put a theoretical approach as well as devised methods to teach, while it is helpful to understand many ways to teach English language, in other ways, it over complicates and at times distract from the true goal of teaching the language itself and help students improve in areas they really want to. Rather than having too much fancy names for lessons, and ways of teaching, I much rather focus on the practicality and means to get results where the ultimate goal of the lesson is to improve the students language skills.The lesson covers the receptive skills that need to be taught to every student. Those are the skills that the student learn prior to productive because in order to be able to produce a piece of speech or text you should be able to listen an understand something, as well as read. The lesson teaching receptive skills should, as actually all the other lessons, be carefully thought through by a teacher in order to pick the material that is of interest and understanding for the students of current level, otherwise it may discourage them from learning the language.