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Productive skills (i.e. speaking and writing) are used by students who want to communicate with another individual. There is a difference between fluency and accuracy -- fluency is the ability to speak smoothly, whereas accuracy is the ability to speak correctly. The teacher should do his best to balance these two things throughout the lesson, ideally teaching accuracy in the Study phase and fluency in the Activate phase. It is also important for the teacher to take a back seat during fluency exercises so that the student can focus and isn't afraid of making mistakes.English-learning has become world-wide. There are a large amount of English learners from different age and learners can be divided into groups by age, level and needs. As an ESL teacher, different techniques and skills are required for teaching different group of students. You may not be satisfied by a group of children if you are good at teaching business English. Therefore, the importance of this unit's study become more obvious, read through this unit and activities, teachers will be able to distinguish the difference between teaching different groups of students.