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This unit is mainly on usage of course books and lesson materials. The teacher has to create his/her own materials to either supplement the course book,or replace sections that are not suitable for the class. Visual aids can reduce the teacher talk time. Student book can be used as a information for teaching point. Work book can be used in study phase.I also learnt various advantages and disadvantages of resource book. To create a balanced lesson making best use of course book is important.This was a good unit as it helped me review grammar that I have not had a chance to formally learn since I was in high school. Often times my Japanese Teachers of English ask me questions about English grammar and I find myself saying more than I like to, \"that's just the way it is\". Putting names to some of the grammar conventions that we typically use in our day to day and that students of English are learning will be particularly helpful in my future classes and helping my co-teachers.