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When we teach the first class, we have to make sure that our students are new group or existing group. If it is new group, we must develop the relationship between the students and teachers, students and students to know each other. It is unnecessary to use the coursebook in the first lesson. Passing the ball is one of the games we can use when teaching the first class. When facing with a large class, we can pair stronger students with weaker students , appoint students to be the leader in each groups, let them to or control or give worksheet to their fellow friends .Unit 13 introduces the importance and methods of teaching pronunciation to students whose native language is not English. Pronunciation plays a vital role in communication in English as different intonation or stress on words can carry a different meaning or message to listeners. Intonation is the way we communicate a whole sentence with a particular pitch or volume while stress involves putting emphasis on word(s) within a sentence to convey a particular message to listeners. Teachers should choose times to teach pronunciation using methods suggested within the unit.