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In this unit I learned a lot about future tenses and their many uses. I got the chance to deepen my knowledge of the future tenses and learn the reasons why certain present tense verbs, under certain particular situations, are considered as future tense verbs. I also discovered the reasons behind why we write certain things in a very precise manner when using the future tense. I also got to know a lot more in dept about the different rules that are applied to the future tenses.Unit 13 outlines how to teach pronunciation and phonology to students whose English is not their mother tongue language. It goes further to stressing words in a sentence correctly. Moreover,phonemic symbols were also given. Personally, I think teaching pronunciation is not easy. It requires mastery for the teacher's part since it is one of the fundamentals of fluency in speaking. With this unit, E teachers will have guide on how to teach this skill in a less difficult way.