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zero conditional: if/when+present tense,present tense(actions and facts that are irrefutable).First conditional: if+present simple,will(a real situation in the future that is possible or certain once the condition has been satisfied.)Second condition: if+past simple,would/could/might+base form(unreal present or future,hypotheical situation that is presently not ture and unlikely ever to be ture).Third conditiona: if+past perfect, would/could/might+have+past participle(hypothetical past action and the hypothetical past consequence).The material covered in this section had been mentioned and briefly covered in an earlier unit, so its reappearance presented few surprises in the material itself. Much of the document was focused on teaching materials and cards rather than actual information, which was surprising but welcomed. What I valued most was the knowledge presented regarding when these types of materials are required in the classroom and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Other than that, it was a relatively short unit with little new information.