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I have learned about how to teach vocabulary, grammar and functions in the easiest way. The best way to get students to learn is to activate them and make it interesting. When you bring the lesson to their levels and let them influence the class it engages them. Even if the lesson is about rules of the language you can make it interesting in the way you present it to the class. In this unit I will take with me what the students need to learn, and what is less important. This way they can learn quicker and more effective.When teaching grammar to my students,conditionals and reported speech are the two important grammar subjects that always confuse them,for the simple reason that multiple tenses are involved.This unit has strenghened my teaching aids because it has given me other types of worksheets and ways of involving the students that makes the approach to these grammar subjects easier.As always,I have found that going through grammar points and rules,is something that I enjoy doing and would like to make it the same for the students.