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I have learnt that there is no specific way of writing a lesson plan however the plan must be written with certain areas be taken into consideration for example the learning objectives, timing and so forth. It shouldn't be scripted as this will not allow flexibility of answering certain questions from the students to clear up any confusion. It is a good working tool to have so that I can keep a record of what I have done with the students and just in case another teacher has to fill in for me they will know how far the students are in the subject and avoid repetition.This unit discussed troubleshooting. It explained the common problems, that can occur in the classroom. Dealing with new groups and existing groups , the pros and cons that can affect the learning pace and motivation of the class. what kind are games are suitable for example questionaire /survey can be used for the first lesson. As students can interview each other. This information given was really helpful for me , as it is good how to deal with any situation ,that can occur and handling without getting annoyed or snapping at the students in the process, is good.