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The contrast between the two video lessons was well established, and the effectiveness of each lesson was very clear. I learned that the demeanour of the teacher and his/her attitude to the students is essential in establishing classroom rapport, trust, and participation from students. I think this is particularly important in the context that I am currently working in, where many of our ESL students are refugees. It is important that they feel they are in an environment that is safe and trustworthy for them to be able to engage in the learning process effectively.This unit showed two demonstrative lessons taught to adult Thai students. In one lesson, the teacher is engaged and the students are actively participating. In the other lesson, the teacher is cool and the students appear to struggle with the material. I appreciated seeing these two lessons side-by-side. I want to be more like the example in the second video. There was such a huge difference, and so much of it was obvious from the first two minutes of the video.The teacher's demeanor really does set the tone for the class. Even watching the second video made me smile.