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Modal Auxiliary Verbs:Can,could may, might,shall,should,will,would,must,have to, have got to, need to,needn't to and ought to.Basic Usages:Obligation,Possibility,Permission,Ability,Advice. Voices: Active,Passive.Passive is most frequently used when it is not known, not important,or we don't want to say,exactly who performs an action.The passive may be used with a by phrase when the speaker or writer wants the listener or reader to know who performs the action.This unit focused on the execution of a lesson. The vidoes were useful to determine what is good and bad teacher behaviour. The bad behaviour was remarkable as the effect of this on the class was palpable. The class was less interactive and felt more cautious when requested to engage in the lesson. This is compared to a more friendly and supportive teacher. This behvaiour shows a marked difference in student participation and the overall success of the lesson.