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In this Unit, the content demonstrate several common problems and situations in english teaching classes. I learnt how to prepare the first lessons, how to warm up the students and how to teach students that have different levels. I also learnt how to deal with problems such as large classes, use of native language, and how to lead the students how is unwilling to participate in the class. At the end, I learnt how to resolve the issue of the difficulties with listening texts.Unit 9 states that planning a lesson should come from the teacher's own personal style. Lesson plans should be created with the idea that they will need to be flexible when put into use. I disagree that student's ages should not be taken into account as stated in question 4. I understand that the question is in regard to the blank lesson plan that was given in the unit. However, the difference between teaching age 5 and age 10 is vast and should be considered when planning your lesson.