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In this unit i have learnt: 1) Often teacher has to create his/her own materials to replace or supplement the course book. 2) Materials can be divided into two groups: A- authentic materials. Anything about a native speaker can hear or read is an authentich material(magazines,menus,films,newspapers, etc.) They are interesting and motivating, they can be geared of a particular grouop of students and students gain confidence ehen they understand them. B- created materials. These kind of materials are designed by the teacher(crosswords,flash cards,role-pkay cards,etc.) 3) I have learnet what are advantages on disadvantages of using course books. 4) What are four different options course book use(opmit,replace,adapt and supplement). 5)What factors the teacher will probably need to analyze and consider if he/she is able to choose the course book by him/her self.