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D.B. – U.S.A. said:
Having a plan is crucial for the teacher to ensure that his or her students have the best and highest opportunity of learning the new language. The teacher should know how he or she is going to engage their class at the beginning of the class, activities for the students to study and learn new content, and exercises to activate what the students have learned. In addition, the teacher should be flexible with their plan, and if needed, be willing to quickly adjust it depending on the students' involvement and/or understanding. Teachers may need to go back and revisit previous lessons/exercises or switch their lesson from a 'Straight Arrow' to a 'Boomerang' or 'Patchwork' lesson. What I like about the ESA method is that is builds a routine for the teacher and the students, while allowing flexibility for the teacher to plan different activities and exercises. No one class should or would be the same as the another . The routine may be consistent, for instance, beginning each class with an engaging activity and concluding with an activate exercise.