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In writing skills there are differences in grammar, vocabulary, spelling, handwriting, layout, and punctuation. Just as when developing receptive skills, when working towards developing writing skills, students must first be exposed to the large variety of writing. For example, different kinds of texts will vary in layout, so they must be exposed to these differences while also learning the grammar rules directly and indirectly. We can implement wholesome lessons by organizing activities that cater to more than one writing skill so students can progress equally in each skill.This final unit has a lot of ideas and recommendations for a first class/meeting situation. A key theme throughout all of the units of this course is establishing a rapport by gaining the students attention, interest, trust, and respect. I think this is of the upmost importance during the first class/meeting, as some students (mainly individual adults) may make a decision to discontinue/choose another teacher. Considering not much new material gets learnt/studied in this initial class, basically all of the focus is on the teacher?s persona, methods, and student-interaction.