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Educate students to the right way. You have to have accurate knowledge, and the right to teach students. For example: ESA, to attract students, then teach them the knowledge, the final confirmation that they can grasp. And then on this basis can be more intensive such training, for example: boomerang ESA, patchwork ESA. In fact, some of the game language learning is particularly helpful, but also in the course of the game will remember more firmly, such as: spelling , Word searches and so on. And should pay attention to the appropriate way to correct the studyThis unit is a review and in-depth information about present tense. I never knew or remember learning about all these types of present tense. Through reading this unit, I am more familiar with how and what type of sentences are in present tense. When learning a language, it is important to remember to build on the foundation of learning the basics and work your way up. If you have a solid foundation of the basics, everything else will smoothly go into place. As a teacher, knowing and understanding basic knowledge is relevant in being able to teach the content.