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Reading and listening: The 2 Receptive skills. The focus of both accuracy and fluency. Different types of activities for different phases of the ESA lessons. Especially useful part was the bit where the unit talked about SPEAKING skills and presented a sample ESA lesson plan. Here in Japan, where I teach English training to this day, has been heavily focused on developing writing skills. So many of my students are good writers, but they don't do so well in speaking. Not only for cultural reasons, but because of the barrier point which they have never really overcome.As an individual with no teaching experience I must say this unit was very helpful by introducing to me different was for keeping my potential students engage in activities. I really like the fact that it pointed out how to deal with children with behavioural problems as we all know it will be a reality depending on the interest of the students. I cannot escape it. This unit has really prepare me mentally on how to deal with different levels of students especially those who are beginners, with no to little English they in my head will seem to be the hardest to teach.