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This unit focused on the various factors involved in teaching receptive skills (which includes reading and listening skills) as well as the importance of these skills in the comprehension of all languages. First and foremost, this lesson noted the different ways in which we use receptive skills to obtain information regarding content (such as obtaining detailed information to obtaining specific information). Secondly, this lesson noted various problems that arise while teaching receptive skills and methods that may be used in order to prevent these problems.Unit 2, Parts of Speech, gives a basic introduction of English grammar. It shows how different parts of a sentence are classified. Each part of speech is then explained in more detail: its usage, its different components and its exceptions. The task of absorbing these is facilitated by numerous examples and charts. In this unit I was reminded of how to recognize and classify the different parts of speech. I realized that being able to determine the role each word plays in a sentence would help me greatly in the event of having to explain these to a learner.