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The unit showed how the same lesson can be taught two ways and therefore received by the students in two different ways. Everything from smiling and enthusiasm to examples and simple explanations helps to create a more welcoming and supportive environment for the students. Although previous units have discussed these topics, it was very helpful to see how the students actually reacted. I have learned how to use examples, body language, and positivity to help the students feel more relaxed and hopefully participate more in the lesson.Especially, past perfect tense and past perfect continuous tense are difficult to understand and use. In my opinion, because the action that we are talking about happen in the past and the action is already finished. Sometimes I must admit that I got mixed up the present perfect tense with the past perfect tense. But one thing for sure, the present perfect still has a connection with the present times. While the other two, the past simple and the past continuous tense have a very clear usages and student will understand those easier.