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This was the most complex and hardest unit so far. I have encountered most things in this unit as a student, but it's not something I've studies to remember. I believe it's equally challenging for native and foreign speakers. Before I can teach this unit I will have to spend a lot of time learning it in greater detail. I will have to focus and pay special attention to the international phonological system. Once a student is familiar with the phonology he or she can automatically express and write down any said sound, but I have to truly and fully know it before teaching it.This unit provides two contrasting lessons that highlight some of the basic differences between effective and ineffective teaching. Video number one highlights a teacher who is more keen to teach without proper structuring of the content taught and a lot of teacher talk time demonstrated. Whilst the second video depicts a teacher that is keen to see the class learn and has more engaging content for the learners. My lesson is to always be mindful of the course material, presentation and teaching techniques to be used as well as order of tasks to be assigned to the learners.