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In this unit we saw the most used forms of the future tense. We saw what they are used for, with a good set of examples for each usage. I can see how these forms can cause trouble for people learning the language. But I generally think that it is a set of forms that is not that hard to distinguish, both in form and usage. We also get some good examples of how to teach them, which will help too. And even though we saw seven forms, as opposed to four for the other tenses, I still think that these are more clearly distinguishable and hope that they will not be too hard to teach.In this unit we've had a look at the different ways we can evaluate our students as well as the different tests taken by students to access their levels, needs and progress. I've learnt the how these tests play different roles in evaluating my students and how it assist the teacher in placing students in the appropriate level and assessing students in the progress they are making and also the language that need reviewing and more focus. Finally we also looked at the different external exams they might be written by students and why students might require these certifications.