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It was interesting collaboration with Unit3:EFL methodology. I love when the lessons overlap with each other. I liked this lesson because it gave clear teaching direction to the important areas in English(vocabulary, grammatical structures and language functions. The 'typical straight arrow' structure was used in vocabulary, the \"patchwork structure was used in grammar lesson and the 'boomerang' structure was used in language function lessons. In conclusion, this unit was easy to understand due to unit 3.In Unit 4, we study 4 types of present tense: present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous. For each of four above mentioned present tenses we explore affirmative, negative, and questions sentences. After reading the rules for using these various present forms, it?s understandable why students are often confused and make errors. Personally I can think of a few situations where present perfect and present perfect continuous forms meaning are somewhat interchangeable.