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This unit gives an overview of the equipment and teaching aids a teacher might use in class. It gives a list of advantages and disadvantages for each piece of equipment and gives examples on how to use them in class. While there is a variety of teaching aids out there, a teacher will have to rely on what the school can provide, which might not be more than a board. To me, this unit does not seem to be as relevant as previous units and not as interesting because the content is rather self-explanatory.The is the final unit of the course and it focuses on teaching the first lessons and some of the most comon problems a teacher can face in a classroom, including varying student levels, large classes, use of native language, reluctant students, and difficulties with listening texts. I found that, in conclusion of the main ideas of this unit, a teacher should always be sensitive and respectful of the students? conditions. Also, group work and rapport are important components of a succeful calssroom.