TESOL Jobs South Korea Wonju

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Congratulations! You have finished teaching the 20 Unit ITTT TEFL course. Take a night off. Have a beer. Don’t drink alcohol? Enjoy an hour at a coffee house. Or go to a movie with your partner. Maybe some fun will occur afterwards. Oh, I’m sorry. You have other students who haven’t finished the course. My mistake. If I were with you I would buy you dinner at Hix Oyster and Chop House. Unfortunately I am in the colonies. Oh well, maybe we will bump into each other when I move to Tokyo. Remember Tokyo is hosting the 2020 Olympics. That is the reason I will be teaching English. I hope to move to Tokyo within the next few months and join the Japanese Government English Language Program. I will see you soon. I am enrolled in the Business English and Young Learners Segments. Cheers! Ciao! Au Revoir! さようなら!