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In this unit, I´ve found that the best way to keep order during classes is by setting a good environment for the student using different elements available at hand, such as the classroom space and organization (chairs and tables), students relationships (both with the teacher and other students) and the class activities in general. The teacher as discussed in past units, must be flexible to switch to different methods, in this case, for correction and encouragement and also, very important, to be able to correctly rapport with the students.The various teaching aids are with white board,equipment.Unit gives a detailed explanation of maximum effect of the board used by the teacher.Preparation for a class with videos and DVD,Specific piece of equipment to aid the classes.Resource book are the best alternative if students are not familiar with technology,for the reasons resource book could range from grammar exercise book through to communication game.Worksheet would give a clear insight about where students are encountering difficulties as well as where they are performing well.