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This lesson goes over how to structure a lesson, but also how to leave flexibility in case the students need more or less time on a concept. The importance is to focus on what the students need. With that it is important to have exercises that are going to make sense in certain orders, and that you think about what the students will likely have problems with. Accordingly it is important to have enough different activities to keep the students engaged in the lesson. Also that a lesson should be planned around an objective, in order to keep the lesson focused.The biggest takeaway from this unit is the two-way relationship between the students and the teacher. The students have shown their willingness to learn by showing up on the first day of class. At that moment it is the teachers responsibility to engage and motivate the students throughout the lesson. The students still need to do their role and participate, however, they will only participate if they feel motivated and interested. The teacher must set them up for success - choosing appropriate and interesting material, front loading when needed, and support.