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Use of conditionals is another of those things that native speakers usually understand because, \"It just sounds right!\" However, explaining those rules to an ESL student can be both confusing and intimidating when you have verb tenses referring to actions at a different place in time and different rules and patterns for pronouns, time references, questions, etc. It is important to model the correct structure verbally so students get used to \"what sounds right\" themselves. This area will take a lot of time to cover!I like the use of videos in order to understand a lesson. I wish that there were more video aids for each lesson in general. It was very clear that from the beginning of the first video that this was a \"what-not-to-do\" class. I am curious if the students participating knew that he would be teaching these dramatically different roles as a teacher. I think the videos could have been shorter. 30 minutes is a long time to teach relatively basic concepts of teaching methods. I still appreciated the filmed examples though.