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This unit concerned the different methods that can be used to evaluate student progress in a class. Placement tests are given to decide which classes students should be placed in based on their skill level. A diagnostic test is used to decide a students skill level in order to prepare material for a class. A progress test is used to to do what it name would imply, evaluate the progress of the students. External tests are exams such as the toefl, toeic, and ielts, along with assorted Cambridge Evaluations.The content of this unit was very useful for me. I know the basic english grammar quite well but by using modal auxiliary verbs I can make my spoken language much more varying and I can give better impression of my self as a english speaker. Phrasal verbs are also important area in english language. I?ve noticed that phrasal verbs can be really difficult to learners with learning diffuculties, I guess it?s because it?s not enough if you can translate the words, you also have to know the new meaning.