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This unit was very helpful for me in telling how to properly structure a class lesson. I liked all the helpful reasons it gave as to why for instance, keeping a record so that you know what you have already gone over and do not start to repeat your lessons so that the students might become bored. This was something I never gave any thought to. It always nice to get as much information as possible. I would like to be more confident as possible in front of a class.Unit 12 outlines the teaching of productive skills in the classroom. A common pitfall of teachers is to focus too much on receptive skills and neglect the teaching of writing skills. As a non-native speaker, I even find it difficult to get spelling right sometimes. Let's be honest: how often does one need to write the word \"Hippopotamus\". A takeaway from this unit is to experiment with 'Creative Writing' - something I will definitely do with my future students!