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It's clear that the teacher's attitude is very important for the students response and general interest in the class and the activities. Their willingness to participate is affected by numerous factors like the teacher way to correct them, how he treats the students in general, the way he helps the students to come up with the right answer, the gestures and of course the simplicity of the task. This videos help me see with both a bad and a good example how important it is to be prepared and pay attention to the students as much as possible.Describing the various forms of English \"tenses\" is a difficult task even to a native speaker. I think that the most effective way to teach a non-native speaker about the tenses, games and example situations will fit best. One subject that I found particularly interesting in this unit was how complex the Present Perfect tense can become in all its forms. All of the game ideas that this unit suggested will not only help with future students, but it also helped with understanding the types of situations one can use that particular tense in.