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This unit provided a breakdown of factors involved in effective classroom management, divided into key portions like eye contact, establishing rapport, seating arrangements and class groupings for activities. It also provided good examples of how to reduce teacher talk time in order to boost student talk time, and contained a number of helpful advice that are sure to be useful in carrying out lessons. There were a number of pointers that I found particularly useful, such as appropriately responding to problematic behavior and keeping the teacher's attitude and approach consistent.In this chapter we focused on the different ways of teaching English to different fluency levels and also ages. I feel the most important thing I learned for this lesson is to try and teach at the level that the class is and also not to rush teaching. It is more important to take your time and make sure that students are fully understanding what you are teaching. I also never considered before that it might be bad to use the students language while teaching. By using it, you are showing students that if they wait long enough you will give them the answer in their own language.