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I feel that students learning English would often naturally slip back into their mother tongue if most of the other students also spoke that language, purely out of the want to be understood. I think that this is a problem that can be fixed through growing students confidence and reducing down time in class. While preparing for possible issues that might come up in class can help overcome any problems, it is still important to first build a solid rapport with the students so you can better understand their personal motivation for the class.Choosing course materials is a very important factor in the success and learning of the students. The teacher must be able to analyze and assess the course book and teaching methods to determine if it is suitable for the students learning level and interests. A good teacher will be creative and find new ways to develop the material separate from the course book to keep the class engaged and motivated. It is also important to use a wide variety of teaching materials and games that will focus on grammar, speaking, listening and pronunciation.