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As an English teacher, you have a variety of ages and language levels that you have to teach. Teaching English to a business person is a whole lot different than teaching a child. It's important to know how to go about teaching these different types of students. A lot of students are beginners, and the beginner students fit into a lot of different categories of beginner. It's essential to follow the techniques provided in this unit for teaching these beginners so that each student will learn something from each class you give.In this unit we learn different methods and theories, to give a succesfull lesson to our students. Explaining which one are more suitables, and how to behave as a teacher in each stage of a session. I see this lesson as the foundation for every other topic that we need as teacher, here we have a big glimpse of what we should do, behave, think, and how to give the best learning experience to our students. Giving them the appropiate kind of strategy, will help them boost their learning curve and also a more enjoyable experience.