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This unit was full of teaching methods that I personally will look back on and use. Every student is different and therefore each student needs a different teaching method. Knowing the best and most effective methods will be very helpful in the future. Also, the methods used to correct students is vital. I am very grateful to have learned more about correcting students so that I don't cause harmful learning in the process of teaching English. Students should feel motivated and excited about learning not apprehensive about making mistakes.Having a very traditional educational background, course books to me have always been an inseparable part for teaching a new language. So getting a chance to look at an innovative approach of dealing with course books was very refreshing and helped build a different way of managing the lessons accordingly. Sure, as every other thing, course books also have their benefits and drawbacks. Being able to make the best use out of them can enrich the lesson with beautiful and engaging materials, thus help students get the most out of the course.